M.A.C. #109: A Great Contouring Brush

MAC Brush
MAC Brush

Whelp, add it to the collection boys and girls- I bought another M.A.C. brush.  Couldn't help it.  Had to be done.  I have been hunting for one of these bad boys for a while now because I'm just a tad bit obsessed with contouring.  Highlighting... bronzing.... I love it all.  And one who loves that stuff needs a perfect brush to achieve the perfect look.

This is the M.A.C. #109 Small Contour brush and I picked it up from Macy's, but of course you can get it from any M.A.C. counter or online HERE.  

My favorite part about this brush and what I think sets it apart from other contouring brushes is the shape and the density of the hairs.  The shape is domed and rounded at the top which is great because it won't create harsh lines.  It also is the perfect size to fit in the hollow of your cheeks and lets you "carve" out your face.

There are SO many hairs in this brush and it's quite strong.  I like this little fact because too soft of a brush makes me think I'm not getting any product on my face.  And I just don't like that.

I've included just a couple of the bronzers that I've used personally or I have heard great things about.  They are all pressed powder and would work perfectly with this brush.  

I know that there are oodles of brushes that work well for contouring, but I must say I am newly partial to this one :)  I hope you check it out! 


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