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More girls need to learn how to apply makeup correctly.
Remember:  Less is More pretty ladies :):)

I love cosmetics just as much as any other girl, but I'm a true believer in natural beauty and using them to ENHANCE your natural appearance.  Not cover it up.

So I have come up with a few tips and beauty tricks that I live by, and think more girls should try.  I'm no professional, but they've worked well for me.  So here they are!!

1. Bronzer- It should be used for contouring.  Not as face paint.  This is a huge mistake that I see too many girls making.  Refer to a few YouTube videos if you need help.  

And choose your color wisely!  I suggest going into Sephora and having them test different shades on your face to see which one matches you best.  I personally use Bare Minerals Bronzer, and it works great for my olive skin.

2. Moisturizer- This is something that I have a hard time getting in the habit of, but they key to a great complexion is hydrated, well-moisturized skin.  I'm thinking of picking up some Aveeno Tinted Moisturizer with SPF.  I've heard good things.

3. Foundation- For years I skimped and bought the cheap drug store makeup.  But I have combination skin and need a matte foundation of a little higher quality.  It makes ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Trust me.  Your face is the first thing people see and it speaks volumes about you.  

4. Blush- It should not be streaked down the sides of your face.  Or look relatively close to what a clown would wear.  It should compliment your bronzer and be carefully applied to the apple of your cheeks.  And along with bronzer, should be a shade that compliments your skin.  This is Bella Bamba made by Benefit, and works great with olive skin like mine:

These are just the basics, but are essential for a great look.  Good luck ladies!


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